Game of Thrones: Suspicious Minds

Theon Greyjoy is in way over his head in his power play to prove himself in “A Man Without Honor” (and he proves himself to be just that). Waking up in Winterfell, he finds that his whore Osha has escaped with Bran and Rickon Stark with the help of simple-minded giant, Hodor. Desperate to earn daddy’s love, Theon sets out with hounds, horses and the Winterfell Maester and track the boys to a nearby farm. Finding evidence the boys have been there, they send the Maester away and return to Winterfell to show the people what it means to be disloyal to him. In the courtyard, Theon raises the charred bodies of two young boys for all to see. His inhumanity knows no bounds.

In the Frostfangs of the wild north, John Snow wakes up with a little morning wood pressed into the backside of his prisoner, Ygritte. In the barren waste, the two search for his kinsmen, while discussing his virginity, his oath to the Night’s Watch, and his mad case of blue balls. Ygritte’s endless yammering taunts and teases him. Even I began to wonder when she would shut up. As she distracts him, begging for him to slip her his sword, she escapes and leads him into a wildling trap. Perhaps Frostfang prisons are rampant with forced sex.

In other worlds of unwanted intercourse, Sansa is plagued with nightmares of her escaped rape, only to awaken in the midst of her first period. Terrified the Queen will now force her to bear Joffrey’s children, she and her handmaid unsuccessfully try to hide the evidence. Once the Queen finds out, she teaches Sansa that loving others is dangerous and that she should only ever love her own children, not even her king. Cold, but Sansa may be finding an unusual friend in Cersei. A mentor at the very least.

Robb Stark sets off for the Crag to negotiate surrender and takes his new lady friend with him to help her get “supplies” for the field. Something tells me this trip will not only produce a new queen, but possibly a new Stark heir. While he’s gone, though, Jaime Lannister forms a tight bond with Sir Alton in their prisoners’ chains, speaking of his own humble beginnings as a squire. And once he’s earned Alton’s trust, Jaime kills him and uses him as bait to escape.

But he doesn’t get far and is brought back to an even more hostile army since he killed Lord Karstark’s son in order to escape. Lady Stark pleads to spare Jaime Lannister for the negotiations. When she fears he won’t last the night from the wrath of the men, Jaime’s biting tongue causes Cat Stark to take action herself. If only the scene hadn’t gone to black; I wanted to see her cut his sack off.

At Harrenhall, Tywin Lannister is making new friends of his own. While his men follow his orders to torture and kill anyone to find the identity of the assassin, Tywin’s interest in Arya grows. Together they speak of history, the Targaryen war, and Harrenhal’s destruction by dragons, but Arya’s mind focuses only on her one goal: death to all Lannisters. Tywin, however, is no fool. Arya’s knowledge and education nearly give her away, and his suspicions clearly mount. They are both too smart for their own good, and Arya might be more like Tywin than she cares to admit. You should be placing all your chips on this “girl.”

Still hoping they are the salvation of her name, Daenerys must find her stolen dragons. Xaro Daxos promises to help her, but her skin is turning cold and tough. She refuses his offer, but agrees to meet with the Council of 13. Even when Jorah returns to her side, Daenerys turns her back on his trust and sympathy, sending him away to find her dragons. In front of the council, the men who mock her, Daenerys learns she has been a pawn in this game. Daxos has had her dragons taken to the House of the Undying in a calculated move to become king. With the help of the “House,” he slaughters the council. Daenerys and Kovarro, escape, running for their lives. Wouldn’t you?

There were so many twists this episode, I wasn’t sure my jaw would stop dropping. What do you think was the biggest shocker in this episode? Share you thoughts with us in the comments below.

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