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Johnny’s Top 10 WTF Horror Flicks

Halloween is fast approaching, and you know what that means! It’s time for horror movies (as if you needed an excuse). You’ve seen all the classics, sure. (And if you haven’t, then stop right now and check them out.) However, if you’re looking for some new treats to put in your basket, something tasty and disposable, full of empty calories and bizarre ingredients, something to make you say “What the hell is this?” then have I got a list for you. Here’s a batch of 10 horror films (and the definition is rather loose at times) guaranteed to give you a fun-size bar of WTF. So, pop some popcorn, invite your snarkiest friends over, and have a FBOTU-inspired film festival of the most bizarre, campy and ridiculous horror movies ever made.

NOTE: Some of the YouTube links below may be considered NSFW and/or may give away plot spoilers…but are you seriously watching these for plot?

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