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Our Favorite Covers of “Remember You” from Adventure Time

I’ve come to the conclusion that Adventure Time is trying to kill me. Admittedly, I’m a little late jumping on board the Oo bandwagon, having only become obsessed with the show over the summer, when I happened to catch a marathon on Cartoon Network. The show that I originally described to a friend as “proudly stupid” has slowly drawn me in, and now I’ve invested countless hours studying the mythology and mysteries of AT.

They lured me in with the sublime Lumpy Space Princess and kept me coming back for more clues about the Mushroom War and the possibly Sapphic secret backstory of Bubblegum and Marceline. With recent episodes like “I Remember You” and “The Lich,” we’ve learned just a little bit more about Simon Petrikov (aka the Ice King), the Lich and the secrets the people and royalty of Oo share. Most devastating of all, though, has to be the heartbreaking duet Marceline and the Ice King sing in “I Remember You,” detailing the King’s descent into madness and his preceding regret and apologies. Who knew some “proudly stupid” cartoon could gut my emotions so easily?

After rewinding and listening to the song about 100 times, I turned to YouTube to see what the fans had to say (and sing) about Rebecca Sugar’s melancholic masterpiece, and I was not disappointed. There are dozens of covers online, ranging from a cappella to ukulele, and they’re all lovely and winsome in their own way. And because I fully believe in sharing the devastating sadness that cartoons can inflect upon their audiences (I’m looking at you, Korra), here are some of my favorite covers of “Remember You.” Enjoy! If you’ve done a cover, or if you just want to commiserate over this show, please feel free to share.

This one has the most hits, and it’s not hard to see why. Nicely produced and arranged, Adriana Figueroa’s haunting vocals add an otherworldly quality to the song.

Eaves does a lot of cartoon-inspired covers, but what I like most about this one is how perfectly the vocals and uke work together, creating the perfect blend of bittersweet love and sadness. 

Ludo Fahey gives a more alt rock take on the song, opening it up and building both driving crescendoes and moments of quiet contemplation.

Goatmon takes the song down a notch, using a music box-inspired cover by LittleJayneyCakes, to create a lovely, but no less heartbreaking lullaby.

Finally, here’s the original, for comparison.