Superman: A New Hope

Maybe it’s because I’ve been in an especially tender emotional state lately (and especially this week), but now that I’ve watched the latest trailer, I have ridiculously high expectations for Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan’s Man of Steel. I was worried, honestly, that a darker, grittier Superman movie would cast the noble boy in blue as some angry vigilante out to even a score. Who knows? That might still happen. But the trailer they’ve given us renews my faith in one powerful Superman concept: hope. That’s all I want. I expect my heart to soar when I see Supes leap tall buildings in a single bound or come to the rescue. I expect to be given hope. And I expect it big time, okay? This trailer is not only promising me hope, it’s practically signing a contract guaranteeing it.

Man of Steel opens June 14. Check out the emotionally evocative trailer below. 

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