You Oughta Know: You’re Crazy


Last night, I dragged Long Suffering Boyfriend (LSB) with me to a taping of a special online concert by Alanis Morissette. I’m a HUGE Alanis fan and only found out about the taping because I’m in the fan club. I’ve been to a lot of Alanis concerts over the years, but I was surprised to discover that when you boil her fans down to the most hardcore element, you find two groups: gay men and crazy women. I guess I should have seen that coming. Traditionally, no matter where LSB and I go, we always find ourselves seated next to Drunk Girl, Sleeping Girl, Sick Girl, Crying Girl, etc. Last night we had the rare pleasure of sitting next to Crazy Girl. At first I thought she was talking to me during the concert, then I thought she was talking to herself. I finally realized she was talking to Alanis, and apparently Alanis was answering, because Crazy Girl rocked back and forth in her chair, clutched her chest and folded her hands in prayer throughout her personal conversation with Alanis. “These are your people,” LSB told me. Oh no, I thought. I’m an enthusiastic fan, but I’m not nuts. “I wonder if she’s started a website,” LSB mused. Hey! There is a difference between fan and fanatic! I may love George, but you don’t see me standing outside the gates of Skywalker Ranch, holding a boombox, playing “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. I mean, come on. I think George would prefer a little Alanis. Check out Alanis’s new single, “Underneath,” on iTunes.


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