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May the Muppets Be With You

This I know: Every day I can count on e-mail from three sources: George Lucas, and Hillary Clinton. And they all want money from me. Today, I got two e-mails from George, and I’d like to share one with you. As I mentioned before, I was raised by George Lucas, He-Man and Kermit the Frog…which explains a lot. So on the rare occasions that these icons meet, I am pretty much in gay fanboy heaven. So imagine my giddy delight when today’s e-mail from George contained the following picture:


The Gods of Plastic have smiled upon me today, friends. Star Wars Muppets! They will be available exclusively at the Disney parks, so getting them will also involve getting mouse ears and a stomach ache on Space Mountain. But I don’t care! I must have them. You can read all about the history of Star Wars/Muppets cross-overs here. I can’t wait to see what George has for me tomorrow!

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