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WoW Update: She Works Hard for the Money


Ugh. My days of World of Warcraft are numbered. They want me to get a job! Excuse me, but being blonde and muscular and heroic IS my job. But it appears that I need to learn a trade so I can make and sell things. I’ve been able to buy all the costumes and jewelry I want just by killing people and taking their money. But apparently if I want really good stuff I have to actually work for it! I tried to convince LongSufferingBoyfriend to join the game, get a job and take care of me, but he said he plays games to escape real life.

So I became an apprentice blacksmith so I can make weapons and such. But get this. I also have to be a mining apprentice so I can get the metal to make my weapons! I’m working two jobs here! Plus going on quests! It’s like I’m working at McDonald’s and Burger King and going to community college at night! The bracelets I get for this had better be pretty damn shiny, that’s all I’m saying.

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