Iron Man, Iron Man…Does Whatever an Iron Can…

Can he swing from a web?
No he can’t, he’s made of iron…
Look out! Here comes the Iron Man!


Iron Man is now open for business and general kick-assery. I saw it last night. When the lights came up, one fanboy announced loudly, “My life now has meaning!” I wouldn’t go that far, but it is jolly good fun. I won’t give any spoilers or go into too many details, so don’t worry. I will say that Robert Downey, Jr. gives a terrific performance and brings new depth to the traditional role of wealthy playboy industrialist turned superhero. But to me, he’ll always be Julian from Less Than Zero, and always a minute away from dropping to his knees to score a gram of coke. Terrence Howard does a touching and nuanced turn as Tony’s long-suffering bromance, who clearly harbors an unrequited crush on his best pal. And Gwynneth Paltrow proves that only a truly gifted actress can play someone named Pepper Potts. Tune in Monday for a FBOTU Podcast Review and Discussion on Iron Man. In the meantime, let us all know what you thought of the movie! Leave your comments here, or head over to the Forum.

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