Sexy Rexy

I don’t know how many of you read the daily comic strips, or specifically, the daily serial comic strips, but Rex Morgan, MD is one sexy piece of doctor meat. See Exhibit A.


Rex is a doctor of some kind in a nondescript city or town of some kind and I’ve never actually seen him practice any medicine. Mostly he goes on fishing trips with the teenage boy he’s mentoring, avoids his wife at all costs and puts thieves and drug dealers in prison. Currently, Rex is on the trail of an outbreak of MRSA in his town. He’s off to investigate the boys’ locker room at the high school this week. Oh, that Rex! Rex’s wife is named June, and she’s a Nagel painting in comic form, and poor Rex avoids her like…well…like she’s a woman. The storylines and dialogue are often ludicrous, but I can’t stop reading it. Thankfully, today’s beefcake shot of Rex was a nice reward for my dedication.

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