The Ten-Cent Plague


Though I consider myself a fanboy in just about every definition of the word, I am woefully inept when it comes to comic books. I grew up in a small, rural town and didn’t have access to a local comic book shop. Sometimes the local grocery store would carry a rack of comics, but once they sold, you wouldn’t see any more for months. My knowledge of superheroes came mostly from TV, movies and highly-flammable vinyl costumes at Halloween. However, in preparation for the launch of this site, I started doing my comic book homework. I’ve been reading history books, quizzing collectors and generally annoying my local comic book retailers with questions like, “Wait, Superman died?!” I just picked up The Ten-Cent Plague, David Hadju’s historical account of the great comic book scare in the 50s and 60s. I look forward to boring you all with my newfound knowledge.

Having said all that, I dragged LongSufferingBoyfriend (LSB) to a comic book store today so I could pick up some of the books you guys have been recommending over in the Forum, in addition to some kids’ comics for my Batman-obsessed nephew. After digging through the new releases and annoying the shop owner with “Hey! Is Wonder Woman still fighting Nazis or did she win that battle?” I realized LSB had vanished. It’s not unusual for LSB to disappear from toy stores, conventions and just about anywhere there’s a life-size stand-up of Natalie Portman gracing the scene. It’s amazing how many pubs and bars are built so close to fanboy hang-outs. I found LSB outside the perfume store next door. “I just couldn’t take it anymore,” he said. Before I could get huffy, though, he handed me a bottle of my signature fragrance, the one I have to order from Europe or find in specialty perfume stores. I handed him Superfriends in return. “Did you know Superman died? But he’s back now.” LSB nodded as he rushed by the comic book store, afraid it might somehow suck him back in. Safely in the car, I began perusing my purchases. “Wait,” he said. “Christopher Reeve is back?”

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