And George Said, “Let There Be Clones”


I’m looking into being cryogenically frozen until August 15, 2008, so I don’t swelter in hot, sweaty fanboy anticipation all summer long. But the lab will only take my head, which is appealing in a Futurama kind of way, but I guess I’ll be waiting it out. I did stand in line for a month to see Episode One after all. So what’s a few weeks to wait for Episode Whatever This Is.

George has been sending me e-mails, describing all the ins and outs of the political intrigue behind the Clone Wars. But all I need to know is that old crazy wrinkley Palpatine queen eff’d up the Republic, and the Jedis are trying to keep the whole tranny mess together. Now, let’s see some lightsabering! Check out the official site here. And view the trailer here.

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