Mattel, Mattel, Mattel

So here’s the scoop. During the Mattel panel at Comic Con today, they screened the King Grayskull episode from the 2002 series for some inexplicable reason. They said it was to remind fans who King Grayskull was, so that they would run down to the convention hall and buy him. What they neglected to understand was that the panel room was full of people who already knew about King Grayskull and had already bought him or couldn’t buy him because tickets had already been distributed for the day. They proceeded to show a 20-minute cartoon, then complained that they didn’t have enough time to answer questions. So here are the main points of the panel:

1. Mattel’s collector’s club will be online starting Monday at 12:00PM Eastern Time (US).
2. One figure a month will be available for purchase through the website.
3. Some figures may come with multiple heads (like Mer-Man, featuring both mini-comic and traditional face sculpts).
4. The line will encompass all things MOTU, including the vintage line, POP, NA, the mini comics and the 2002 series. It will not include any Filmation characters.
5. Examples of possible figures include: the Green Goddess and Wonder Bread He-Man.
6. Figures will be available to fans, 2 per registered buyer, at $20 each.
7. The current schedule includes: King Grayskull (July-August), He-Man (October), Beastman (November), Skeletor (December), Stratos (January) and Mer-Man (February). Zodak will make an appearance sometime in 2009.
8. The figures will all be within the same scale; will share body parts and accessories; will have decals (like Faker’s chest); and may come with mini-comics or character bios in the future.
9. Other possible offerings include a DVD with all the 80s toy commercials and a MOTU history book.
10. Mattel is considering a subscription feature for collectors.
11. Based on fan feedback at the panel, chase figures and variants may be offered during the same month at the base figure, instead of randomly shipped to unsuspecting buyers.
12. He-Man (October) will come with a sword, shield, battle axe and “half a sword.”
13. Planned releases include two characters that have never been made into figures before, two characters that were not featured in the staction line and two characters that were in the 2002 line.
14. Additional figure purchase (more than the allotted two per buyer) may be possible after the initial buying period, though nothing has been decided or confirmed.
15. The new He-Man movie is still in the script development stage.

Most importanty, Mattel said that the future of the collector’s line will depend on fan support a whopping 12 times during the panel. So be prepared to accept full responsibility should the line fail.

The good news is that Fanboys of the Universe secured a whopping four King Grayskull figures and plans to concoct some wacky contest to give them away. Stay tuned!

Finally, excellent questions were asked at the panel by our very own GayComicGeek and AnimateTed. Well done, boys! Gay fanboys represent!

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