SDCC: DC Party Wrap-Up

You know it’s a good Comic-Con party when you’re standing at the urinal, holding your junk and Samuel Jackson walks up and stands next to you. My drink of choice for the evening was the Gray Goose pear vodka with ginger ale and a splash of water. I watched the bartender make the drink for me about 27 times and I never saw that splash of water. Which might explain how I summoned the courage to pitch Fanboys of the Universe: The Movie to Mr. Jackson. My time probably would have been better spent pitching the idea to Zack Snyder, the director of 300, since he’s already had a hand at bringing the story of a bunch of scantily-clad heroes to life, or to any of the Watchmen cast that drifted in and out of the party. Rumors abounded that the Heroes cast might show up, but I never saw any cheerleaders or Emo empaths. Somehow I found myself in the company of the youngest attendees at the party, who told me that “the old guy, the big guy and the main guy” from Lost might attend. Soon after, a cute, young straight boy asked me for advice on how to dance to Madonna. “I never go to any 80s clubs,” he said. After that assault on my noble generation, I decided it was only fair to give him a hands-on demonstration of how to “get into the groove.”

But perhaps the biggest highlight of the evening happened before the party started, as I was walking past the Hard Rock Hotel and saw Mark Hamil being escorted around by security. It’s as if George and Carrie already warned him of my clumsy and bizarre attempts at one-on-one time with the stars of Star Wars.

More to come on Saturday…

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