We Have a Super Duper Winner!

The Win King Grayskull: Super Duper Haiku contest is over! (Sorry, I’ll work on those titles.) So Super Duper creator Brian Andersen says, “Congrats to everyone, I loved, loved, loved all of your Haikus! It sure was a super hard decision to make, I had to agonize over it all weekend long, but after much soul searching the winner is…Rocketboy! Yay! Thank you everyone again, what a fun contest. Big hugs all around!”

In addition to the super buff and sexy exclusive King Grayskull figure, Rocketboy will also receive an autographed copy of So Super Duper. Thanks to Brian for playing along and being such a good sport. If you haven’t checked out So Super Duper, you really must. Witty, charming and honest, it’s a fantastic read! And thanks to everyone who entered! You guys make FBOTU a fun and interactive place to be. Now, here’s Rocketboy’s winning entry:

Pysche is cherry pie
Sorry you have small muscles
You may borrow mine

P.S. If you haven’t noticed, King Grayskull is now SOLD OUT at Matty’s. That will make the next contests a little more interesting, because I still have TWO more King Grayskull figures to give away. So, stay tuned. Another contest starts tomorrow!

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