Blue & Gold & Gay

I’m way behind on my comics, ironically, because I was at Comic-Con for a week. But I just finished Booster Gold #1,000,000, which wraps up the recent Booster Gold series, and I can’t wait for more! I started reading Booster at the suggestion of site member and podcast contributer Allen. Allen is also responsible for my new Thor obsession, so his recommendations have been both very good and very gay. If you look at the Booster Gold series with pink-colored glasses (and the prescription isn’t even that strong here, folks), this is a story about the unrequited love between Booster and Blue Beetle and Booster’s need to either consummate the relationship or finally say goodbye. Since it’s DC Comics and not Chance Comics, you can guess what happens. But still, it’s a fun, witty, poignant and homoerotic adventure through time. Another bonus is the fantastic artwork, which features endless depictions of Booster and Beetle leaping, flying, falling, bending and contorting in full rippling six-pack spandex action. If you haven’t jumped on board the Booster Gold express, now is the time. You can get Volume One, which collects the first six issues of the series here or at your local comic book monger. The next volume is due in November, but you can still pick up the most recent issues at aforementioned monger.

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