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I Thought I Recognized Your Foul Stench

I’ve resisted the Mighty Muggs movement of vinyl plush cuteness thus far, but may have to change my mind now that I’ve laid eyes on their version of Grand Moff Tarkin. I don’t know how many fanboys have been praying for some sort of way to cuddle up with a Peter Cushing effigy, but clearly prayers have been answered. Take a look at this:


Awwww. You little Alderaan-destroying scamp! I just want to pinch those hollow, sunken cheeks of yours! I’m tempted to take him with me everywhere and wave him around to intimidate people and maybe get the barista to hurry up with that white chocolate mocha. In addition to blowing up planets, we can hold Vader’s leash and trade insults with feisty princesses, then underestimate the chances of any moppy-haired teenagers trying to blow up our battle station. It’ll be like a My Buddy & Me commercial from the 80s, except it’ll be My Moff & Me. Let’s see what the big guy has to say about that, shall we?



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