Games and Gaymers

I’m Too Sexy for My Horse

In the harsh realms of World of Warcraft, much like in real life, I would never be able to buy shiny new transportation on my own. Luckily for me, I have a powerful WoW girlfriend/sugar mama who slipped me some gold so I could run out and buy Elvis, my uber sexy black stallion! If you’re not familiar with WoW, geographically, it’s huge! So, much like in Los Angeles, nobody walks in WoW. So it was especially tragic that my studly blonde warrior toon was hoofing it everywhere he needed to go to quest and save hunky villagers in distress. But now I have Elvis, so I can prance and jump and gallop across the fruited plains of Westfall or the purple mountains of Lakeshire, the wind blowing through my golden hair and the sun glinting off my sword and rippling muscles. Just like in real life. Except for the hair. And the muscles. And I drive a Smart Car. It is a convertible, though.

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