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Blue and Gold Are Mine!

So I went to my local comic book store yesterday to pick up my weekly stash, as well as a few titles for my nephew. He’s eight, and while I wanted to get him Betty & Veronica, my Sexy Comics Monger persuaded me to go with Spider-man Family. I can’t say enough about my Sexy Comics Monger. He puts up with a lot of stupid questions from yours truly; he makes excellent recommendations of books I wouldn’t have thought to read; and he’s always slipping me store copies of classics and hard-to-find treasures. Today, I asked him if he could order the new Booster Gold and Blue Beetle action figures from DC Direct for me, since I never got the old ones. He marched into his office and returned with two loose, but mint and complete figures in his hand. “Here,” he said. “Take care of them. If you ever don’t want them anymore, give them back.”  With that, I had the previously issued BG and BB in my hot, gay little hands. Well, not little. Big hands. Big, big manly hands. Anyway, I ran right home and started posing them:


It’s probably not what he hand in mind when he gave them to me, but Sexy Comics Monger is pretty tolerant. My old Comics Monger in Burbank never said a word to me, much less gave me anything cool for free, you know, just because. Sexy Comics Monger just wants people to read and enjoy comics. He growls when people bend his books, but that’s understandable. There’s a little bit of gruff Comic Book Guy attitude there, but for the most part, he’s a peach. And then there’s the sexy part. That’s always nice to have in a comic book guy. Tune in for next week’s podcast, when I interview Sexy Comics Monger about Final Crisis. Now, you’ll have to excuse me. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle have decided to refurbish the Crystal Castle and turn it into a bed and breakfast. Those boys.