FBOTU Goes to the Big Apple

I’m heading to New York on Friday to see the sights, do some early Xmas shopping and, oh yeah, to see Mr. Radcliffe in Equus. I am both looking forward to and dreading this. I’m excited about seeing Mr. Radcliffe’s performance, but Equus isn’t exactly the feel-good play of the year. So I know I will most likely have to be institutionalized immediately after. In any event, I will be in the Big Apple Friday through Sunday, so if you’re in the area and want to grab a pretzel, ride the subway or piss on the sidewalk, let me know. I may try to organize a FBOTU gathering while I’m there. Or, if you can recommend a good comic book store, I’ll check it out. FAO and TRU are on my list, too, so I think I have all the major points covered: food, comics, toys, Radcliffe. But knowing my luck, there will probably be an understudy.

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