Be a Hero: Vote

If you live in the US and are registered to vote, then I trust you’re going to get up early, or give up your lunch hour or go right after work or school in order to vote. I don’t care if it’s snowing or hailing or raining frogs, you must vote. I don’t care if your house is surrounded by Stormtroopers or reverse vampires or Cylons or dogs with killer bees in their mouths so when they bark, they shoot killer bees at you, you must vote. If you don’t know where your polling place is, ask a neighbor or go here and enter your address. My comics monger told me today that he doesn’t intend to vote because, “What’s the point?” After I beat him about the face and head with a rolled-up Wizard magazine, he changed his mind. Don’t be a dick; you must vote.

Good luck! God speed! Good journey! And may the force be with you!



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