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A Little Early Xmas Shopping…for Myself

I couldn’t leave New York without hitting all the most important stores: Midtown Comics, Toys R Us in Times Square and FAO Schwarz on Fifth Avenue. I had never been to Midtown Comics before, so it was a true revelation. Since I’m still relatively new to the world of comic books, I had no idea there was such an endless selection of current titles. I thought the selection at my local comics monger was big, but I had no idea. It was daunting and reassuring at the same time. I’ve been killing myself trying to catch up on 80 years of comics over the past few months, so it was sort of a relief to finally realize that I’ll never be able to. I have to pick and choose my favorites and rely on Allen to tell me what I should be reading. In the spirit of picking favorites, I couldn’t pass up the ultimate blend of my extreme fanboy interests: Shakespeare and comics. Macbeth is a personal favorite, so I was thrilled to see it in graphic novel form:


I know it’s aimed at high school kids who don’t want to actually read the play, but I don’t care. I was shouting “Never shake thy gory locks at me!” all the way down Broadway to Toys R Us, where I discovered a big display of these:



Holy Smurf! Are they really making a comeback? Smurfette says, “I hate that word. It’s a return, a return to the millions of people who have never forgiven me for deserting the screen.” With the Smurf movie coming out in 2010, I suppose we have a couple of years of the little blue bastards to look forward to. Then at FAO Schwarz, I did find one little blue bastard that I wouldn’t mind spending a couple of years with:



Ah, Nightwing…13” of spandex and plastic glory. Why are you so hot? While I was cradling Mr. Nightwing inappropriately in my arms, Long-Suffering Boyfriend Michael asked, “Who the hell is that?” “It’s Nightwing,” I replied. “Who the hell is that?” He asked again. “It’s Dick Grayson. He used to be Robin. He was in an emotionally abusive relationship with Batman and finally left and became Nightwing. But I’m still hoping Batman gets some counseling and they get back together someday.” Michael and the rest of the shoppers looked at me, wide-eyed. “I’m sorry I asked.”

Finally, we stopped in at H&M and I was thrilled to find reasonably priced superhero underpants that will be perfect for future FBOTM shoots! It really is a gay fanboy world, and we’re lucky to live in it!


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