A Super Time to Be So Super Duper (Comic Book Giveaway!)

When last we left fledgling superhero Psyche, he was recovering from an epic battle, obsessing over his newly discovered feelings for team leader Captain Idol as well as dreamy superguy Comet and trying to oppress his homo epiphany by smooching his best gal pal Skip. Issue #6 of So Super Duper first brings us up to speed on the main characters, then launches right into the action. The intrigues from Captain Idol’s mysterious past keep piling up as the Amazin’Naughts head off to bid farewell to a fallen team member, and Psyche fears his secret is all too obvious to his teammates. What So Super Duper lacks in sophistication, it more than makes up for with wit and charm. Psyche is a painfully realistic gay everyman, experiencing both excitement and denial in his sexual awakening. He’s making every mistake in the book presently, and one can only hope his selfish and single-minded behavior is but a stepping stone in his character development. However, it’s those sorts of human touches that elevate So Super Duper and transcend the comics medium, creating a fun, yet poignant coming out story.

If you haven’t hopped on board the So Super Duper bandwagon, now is a great time, and Fanboys of the Universe is here to help. The first three SSD fans who post “Holy shiznit!” in the comments section of this post will get a free copy of brand-new Issue #6! You can learn more about So Super Super at the official site, and you can buy past and current issues at

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