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“Halfsies” on a Helmet?

If you’re a longtime FBOTU reader, you know I finally broke down and bought the leather briefs prop replica from 300 a while back and even made October FBOTM Justin model them for us. I bought the crazy things because, in the back of my mind, is a fantasy

thought of putting together a full replica Spartan costume. I just can’t bring myself to drop the cash on the whole shebang, so I’ve been picking up a piece here and there on sale or when there’s some sort of promotion. Well, lo and behold, Action Figure Express is having a big “Buy One, Get One Free” sale right now. And guess what’s up for grabs? Yup. An officially licensed replica of King Leonidas’s helmet:


If you buy one, it’s $119. But if you pay $120, you get two. I know. It makes no sense. Why can’t I just buy one for $60? But that’s the deal. So who wants to go halfsies with me? I get a helmet, you get a helmet. It’ll make a great gift for that hot Spartan wannabe in your life! Or wear it when you get called for jury duty! You’re sure to get sent home. Did I mention I get a helmet? Offer ends December 1. So let me know! You could be dining in hell in time for the holidays!

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