OMFG! Get a Load of All the New Stuff!

We have a couple of fabulous new features I’d like to point out. Hopefully you’ll find them entertaining or useful or worth a click or two:

1. Adspace
If you look to the right, there’s a new column there that wasn’t there before. Yup, its a special little place for advertising. Starting in January, we’ll have some tasteful and site-specific ads popping up there from time to time. But for the month of December, it’s all about bringing attention to groups and organizations that need your help. I’d really love to throw our fanboy dollars behind Toys for Tots this year. So when you’re out doing your shopping, or sitting at your computer doing your shopping, please pick up an extra toy and donate it. If you click on the Toys for Tots button, you can go to their site and find your local donation center! You can also donate a new book to a child in need through an organization called First Book. Or please consider donating your time to any of these organizations, or to the charitable or community organization of your choice this holiday season.

2. Events
If you look to the left, there’s now a link in the navigation menu to a Fanboys of the Universe Events Calendar! This is where I’ll be adding release dates for movies, DVDs, books, etc. of fanboy interest. I’m also including fanboy events like cons and club gatherings. So, if you have a con or event you’d like to add, just let me know, and I’ll put it on the calendar!

Also, in case you’re wondering, our December Fanboy of the Month will be making his debut on Friday this week! So enjoy Marc, November’s FBOTM, for a couple of more days!

Finally, we have a new contest coming up! I’ll be posting details on Wednesday. Stay tuned!

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