Going Where No Star Trek Has Gone Before…GAY!

The brilliant uberfans at Star Trek Phase II have just uploaded the latest episode of their new vision of the classic Star Trek series. What makes this episode so special is that it’s actually written by David Gerrold, an original Star Trek writer, based on a script that was rejected for The Next Generation. Rejected? What could it possibly contain that was too outlandish or outrageous for the world of Star Trek? How about two guys in love? Oh, and one of them is the captain’s nephew! Rewritten for the classic series timeline, you can now download and watch Part One of “Blood and Fire”. I just watched it myself, and it’s pretty fabulous! It looks and feels just like a classic Trek episode, only with cute guys kissing each other! Part Two will be available in February. Episode downloads are completely free, too, so check it out! Here’s the trailer:



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