FBOTU Book Club: Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher

November FBOTM Marc was hanging out in varying states of undress at the FBOTU compound the other day, and I told him, “I just finished this great book; you should read it.” Then I thought, “Let’s make everyone read it!” So, I’m pleased to announce our next selection for the FBOTU Book Club: Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher. Wishful Drinking is based on Carrie’s recent one-woman show. Carrie writes openly and candidly about her struggles with fame, drugs and mental illness, all in her hilariously dark and twisted way. Wishful Drinking is a rare glimpse inside the mind of a troubled genius, as well as a peek behind the Hollywood curtain. You can find Wishful Drinking at your local bookstore or from the online retailers below. I would suggest going to Borders and signing up for a Rewards Card. It’s free and you get discounts and coupons on your purchases there. The Barnes & Noble membership costs to join, but if you don’t have a Borders near you, it might be a good option as well.

Borders: $14.70
Barnes & Noble: $14.70 ($13.23 B&N Member Price)
Amazon: $12.60

Since it’s the holidays, and I know money is tight, we’re also giving away three copies of the book to the first three folks who post: “Help me, FBOTU, you’re my only hope!” in the comments section on this post. The FBOTU Book Club meeting is January 21. At that time, the Book Club thread in the Forum will open, and we’ll have a discussion. Happy reading!


“I used to have this fantasy that in some distant Star Wars sequel, we’d finally stop all the shooting and screaming at each other and would go to a shopping-and-beauty planet, where the stormtroopers would have to get facials, and Chewbacca would have to get pedicures and bikini and eyebrow waxes.” –Carrie Fisher , Wishful Drinking

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