What Does a 100-Year-Old Vampire Smell Like?

You simply can’t have a full-fledged phenom without a fragrance. Believe me, I used to wear Carrington. So for all the Twilight fanboys and fangirls out there, you now have an intoxicating aroma to go along with your favorite obsession. Introducing Twilight Perfume:


The cool apple-shaped bottle promises that “forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.” Well, you don’t have to convince this fruit; I know! The description of the fragrance promises a “delicious lavender and freesia scented perfume,” so I guess we can assume that lavender and freesia grow wild in Forks, WA or perhaps Transylvania, since the description also promises that it’s imported. This is almost too good to pass up. So where can we get this gorgeous little piece of pop culture perfection? At Hot Topic, of course! Only $48.00 for 2.7 fluid ounces! I’m going to spray some on my balls and wait for Robert Pattinson to show up and bite me!