FBOTU Book Club: Two Weeks Left!

Two weeks is more than enough time to read our current FBOTU Book Club selection: Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher. If you’ve never read any of Carrie’s work before, Wishful Drinking is a great introduction to the acerbic wit and wisdom of this unique Hollywood icon. If you’re unfamiliar with Carrie’s career, she was in a little movie a few years ago called The Star Wars. Anywho, you have until January 21 to get and read the book. On January 21, the discussion thread will open in the Forum, and we’ll have coffee and cake and a little chat about the book. Join us, won’t you? If you’re thinking of buying the book online, just click on the Amazon link to the right, and in two short years, Fanboys of the Universe will earn enough referral points to get 10% off our next purchase! Woohoo! Almost forgot, here’s FBOTU Book Club Book Buddy Marc nearing the big climax of the book!


Reading is fundamental!

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