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Uhura Flashes Her Hoo-Hoo

I was toy shopping online today, because…you know…it’s a day of the week, and I’m breathing. I don’t usually check out the Star Trek toys, because…you know…Star Trek is stupid. But the retro line of figures from Diamond Select Toys caught my eye, because I grew up coveting Mego dolls and have always toyed with the idea of collecting them. (Ha ha, toyed.) Anyway, I clicked on the thumbnail and—OH MY GOD—is Uhura flashing her yoohoora at that Oompa Loompa alien thing?


Wait. Is she wearing a tunic and pants? Has she always worn a tunic and pants? I decided to investigate. Clearly, this took precedence over any work I needed to do. So I Googled images of the enchanting communications officer, and after wading through a galaxy of erotic fan art, I found this:



I like her attitude in this shot. It’s as if she just saw the doll in question and can’t believe she’s flashing her situation to the whole universe. In this photo, it appears she’s wearing hosiery of some kind, but not tights or leggings. Plus, she clearly has the modesty to cover her troublesome Tribble. So I think the toy version of Ms. Uhura is definitely hiking her skirt to invite Mr. Alien to go where no alien has gone before. But I’d be concerned about that thing on his head if I were you, Uhura. Yikes!

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