FBOTU Book Club: One Week Left!


Carrie Fisher…or, I should say Princess Leia…was my first (and last) crush on a girl. Beautiful and brave and strong, I loved her immediately, and while I related closely to Luke Skywalker‘s farmboy with an important destiny, I secretly believed Star Wars was as much Leia’s story as his. She was a princess after all. (And I was a little queen.) One fateful day, I was playing with my Star Wars toys, and my older sister took great delight in informing me that Princess Leia was a drug addict. That’s when I first began differentiating Carrie Fisher from the role that made her famous. Even back then, I was pulling for her, hoping she’d borrow a page from Leia’s story and beat the odds. Our current FBOTU Book Club selection is Carrie’s new book Wishful Drinking, a brazenly honest memoir of excess, madness and survival. On January 21, the discussion thread will open in the Forum, and we’ll have coffee and cake and a little chat about the book. Join us, won’t you? And if you’re thinking of buying the book online, just click on the Amazon link in the FBOTU Recommends box in the column to the right. 

P.S. If you’re wondering where Book Buddy Marc is, don’t worry. The last couple of shots of him diligently reading Wishful Drinking will be sent to everyone who takes part in the discussion thread!