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Toy Review: 13” of Dick Grayson

I now understand the slippery slope that straight people are afraid will follow gay marriage, because I seriously want to marry my new 13” Nightwing action figure from DC Direct. He is gorgeous beyond all reason. Let’s start with his face and hair. He’s the most handsome piece of plastic I’ve seen in a long time. And if you recall, I own the Ken Doll Legolas AND the Patrick Dempsey Enchanted doll. So I know from handsome plastic. Anyway, Dick has dreamy blue eyes that go beautifully with the electric blue stripe on his skin-tight black spandex suit. His lips are perfectly sculpted, with just a hint of shine to the paint to make them look moist and totally kissable (though I never would…really…). Then there’s his hair. Fabulously styled and sculpted with a shock of bangs jutting out and hanging forward over his forehead. His body is one of the most convincing and realistically proportioned sculpts I’ve ever seen. He’s musclebound, yes, but his muscular legs and realistic articulation make him at once larger-than-life, and yet totally believable and proportionate. His legs go on forever, and his boots, while bulky, lend another detail of realism to his height and anatomy.


In terms of accessories, Nightwing comes with two different masks that are sculpted so perfectly, they just fit. Really, they just fit on his face. No tricks, no pegs, no strings, no glue. They just fit. It’s a miracle. Plus, he has one blue mask and one black mask, you know, for formal occasions. He also has his trademark batons, as well as a handful of Batarangs (Nightwingarangs?). Speaking of handfuls, he also comes with two sets of hands. One set are his fightin’ fists o’ justice. The other pair I’ve been calling his “jazz hands,” since you can actually bend the fingers to pose them. In his black tights, he’s makes the perfect Fosse back-up dancer. If you’re going to leave him in the box, it’s a wonderful display case. But, if you’re like me, then you just have to get your hands on him. Luckily, he also comes with a display stand. The terrific articulation makes for some cool and dynamic poses, and he towers above most of my other large-scale figures. I’m now tempted to invest in the rest of this line, though I wonder if any could possibly compare.

Incidentally, his bulge isn’t really as pronounced as it is in the publicity shots floating around the web, but that’s easily fixed with a little Sculpey and a gentle, loving hand.

On the FBOTU Scale of Fabulousness, I give DC Direct’s 13” Nightwing 4 out of 5 winking emoticons:  wink wink wink wink