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Cutesy Little Dead Things


That sound you hear is a million goth boys and girls screaming out in unified horror. The thing I always liked about The Nightmare Before Christmas was that it was so creepy and weird. So, it’s a little odd to see it represented in such an adorable and cuddly manner. This is just the first series, too, so there’s more on the way. I suppose if I had a…what do you call it…a baby, I might get these for its Nightmare Before Chstimas-themed nursery. I do hope they get around to producing a plush Clown with the Tear-Away Face, because the only thing kids love more than regular clowns are clowns with faces you can rip off. Since so many of my friends are reproducing with abandon—because with the state the world is in, why not?—these might have to be the standard baby shower gift from weird Uncle Chance.

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