Comic Review: The Boy Wonder Years

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Title: Robin #182 (Faces of Evil: Anarky)
Written by: Fabian Nicieza
Art by: Freddie E. Williams II
Cover by: Brian Stelfreeze

I’ve been so focused on Nightwing and his emotional journey to Batmandom, that I forgot all about little Robin. While Dick has been weighing the pros and cons of taking on the cowl, his young counterpart Tim Drake has actually been doing the job. In recent issues, Robin has been trying to control Gotham’s gang warfare, the corrupt police department and his potentially traitorous ex-girlfriend Steph (aka Spoiler), all while sussing out who or what is behind all the chaos. Why, it’s almost anarchy out there! Wha—? D’oh! It is Anarky (sort of), and he’s out to turn Gotham into a bloody, buggery mess. With Bruce Wayne out of the picture, it’s been fascinating to see how his little bitches have reacted. Until I caught up on the Robin title, I was all in favor of Dick rising to the occasion. But now, Tim is starting to win me over, with his super IQ and super control issues. The dark horse in the running, the sometimes dead, sometimes former Robin/Red Hood/Red Robin, is Jason Todd. That would certainly be a bat-slap in the face to Dick and Tim and all those fanboys in the 80s who voted to kill Jason. Above all the political intrigue and identity crises, I find it equally fascinating that all these guys are just regular old humans. Skilled, athletic and gorgeous in tights, yes, but still, there’s not a metahuman among them. So, really, anyone could be Batman. Even me. But definitely not you. Ha! I kid. We can all be Batman.