FBOTU at New York Comic-Con: LAST DAY!


Today is the last day of New York Comic-Con, and I’ve been having a great time. Though it annoys me to have to stand in line for anything, I’ve been fortunate enough to get in to most all the panels I’ve wanted to attend. Today, however, I’m skipping panels and will just be hanging out on the convention floor, taking photos. So hopefully, I’ll have a ton of shots to share later today. I’m also on a quest to pick up some comics and maybe another toy or two.

I will update the live blog over in the Forum as I encounter anything fun or newsworthy. Incidentally, the live blog has been a blast for me! Thanks to everyone who’s participated. I’ve really felt like I’ve had everyone along with me, which has made a huge difference in my own con experience. With no Prism Comics presence and no LGBT panels of any kind, it hasn’t been a very gay convention. Tim Fish, creator of Young Bottoms in Love is here, so I’m hoping to get to chat with him today. But thanks for coming along for the ride! I’ll have more updates later!


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