Ain’t No Party Like an AT-AT Party!

If there were ever a possibility of resurrecting the obnoxious size and grandeur of the early 80s boombox, this would be it.


I can just imagine blasting “The Imperial March” from the lumbering, yet majestic body of an AT-AT, whether at the beach, on the bus or in the office. Plus, it would be a guaranteed guy magnet, wherever I go. It would be a hit at parties, too. When I’d walk in, revelers would cheer, “AT-AT in da house! Let’s get this party started, yo!” Alas, this little fellow is only a work of art, not a prototype. And I lost all my cassettes in the Great Cassette Melting in the summer of ‘89. And while I do enjoy rocking it old school style whenever I can, I would prefer for their to be an iPod cradle in the cockpit. I suppose that when it comes to technology, you can never really go home again.

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