Lookin’ for Love in All the Geek Places


In olden days, gay fanboys could only hope to meet each other in the seedy back rooms of comic book stores or in grainy midnight screenings of Flash Gordon. They were dark times indeed. Thankfully, nowadays, we have the magic of the interwebs (as well as grainy midnight screenings of Flash Gordon). Now comes along, a website dedicated to bringing geeks of all creeds, orientations and fandoms together. Are you a Battlestar Galactica fan looking for a Cylon sympathizer? Are you a Level 20 Warrior looking to take a walk on the wild side with a Level 80 Blood Elf? Whatever you’re looking for, you can find him at SoulGeek is the brainchild of actor and entrepreneur Dino Andrade. A young widower, Andrade found it difficult re-entering the dating scene, and even more difficult finding someone to share his geekiest interests. When he finally found the fangirl of his dreams, he decided to help other geeks find their soul mates as well. I got the chance to chat with Andrade at WonderCon recently, and in addition to being adorable, he seems genuinely sincere in his quest to help bring people together.

Part singles bar and part sci-fi con,’s free membership allows you to create a profile, view blogs and galleries and read the latest geek news and fan-fic. A paid membership of $9.95/month gets you heightened access to features and more options for searching and contacting your prospective love interests. Does it work? There are some sweet testimonials from satisfied customers who found the fangirl or fanboy of their dreams. Plus, unlike other dating sites, they welcome the gays with open, nerdy arms. (Though there are no same-sex testimonials as of yet.) I’m all for fanboys finding each other and falling in love (or lust), but since I’m not currently dating, we’ll need a single volunteer to venture further into the site and try it out. If you’re interested in giving it a try and reporting back to us here, let me know and I’ll pass along a free month’s membership to you.

Good luck! Happy geek hunting!