Wonder Woman Gets a Little Gayer

The Q Guide books are like a gay version of Time/Life, producing books written by gay fans for gay fans. I’ve personally read both The Q Guide to Broadway and The Q Guide to The Golden Girls. They’re slim volumes, but are fun to read and never fail to give the big, gay perspective on the subject at hand. Mike Pingel, the author of The Q Guide to Charlie’s Angels, now offers us The Q Guide to Wonder Woman. That’s a big subject. And a gay subject. So the subtitle narrows things down a little: “Stuff You Didn’t Even Know You Wanted to Know…About Lynda Carter, the Iconic TV Show and One Amazing Costume.” Whew! That’s quite a title. But at least we know he’s not going to try to cover 60+ years of comics. Here’s a blurb: “Comic book writer William Moulton Marston bore Wonder Woman in 1941, but it was Lynda Carter who made her a household name in the ‘70s. Now, take a fresh, fun look at the iconic television show that set the stage for other heroic female leads on television.” Well, that is right up our alley. I’m going to read this sucker, and I’ve even got TWO to give away. So, whether you’re already a fan or you’re just dying to get the gay scoop on our favorite spinning ‘70s Amazon Princess, here’s the deal: just post 10 words or less in the comments section on why you love Wonder Woman. The first two get The Q Guide to Wonder Woman for their very own!

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