Open Letter to Nightwing

Dear Nightwing,

Hi. Big fan here. I just read Battle for the Cowl #1 and felt compelled to write to you. First, I know you’re hurting. Batman is gone. And it sucks when you have unresolved feelings for an ex and then he gets zapped back to caveman times. Believe me, I know what that’s like. But, girl, you need to get over it. The bat guano is hitting the fan, and everyone is looking to you to fill those size 14 bat boots. I realize the last thing you want to do is take on the identity of your complicated ex-lover, especially after you spent so many years trying to establish your own identity. But, honey, who would you be without Batman? You’d be some nameless circus orphan in cheap tights, instead of the gorgeous and wealthy Nightwing in designer tights. Bruce left everything to you; that must tell you something. Sure, after losing you, he tried to replace you with a succession of younger versions of the raven-haired ward who captured his lonely heart. He made them wear your costume, but none of them even came close to taking your place. You were always his favorite Dick. But now all those people he left behind need a leader. Tim and Barbara and Jason and Damian and Cassandra and Alfred and Selina and even Gotham. They need a leader. They need you. So man up and suit up. Before some psycho metal-looking Batman does it for you. Oops. Spoiler!


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