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A DCUC Event: The Blue and the Gold


Mattel’s highly successful DC Universe Classics line continues to wow action figure fans with its increased frequency of releases and variety of characters. The toy manufacturing giant is quickly becoming the provider of choice for the DC action figure market, making deep cuts in the market once cornered by DC Direct. One just has to visit the DC Direct message boards to see the impact, as many of the posts regard the Mattel offerings with more anticipation than the boards’ namesake.

The toy line takes the gimmick made popular by Marvel Legends six years ago, combining super-articulation with an expansive offering of characters, including the now celebrated build-a-figure option. The game was actually stepped up this time around regarding quality control, as each release boasts clean paint apps in contrast to the random sloppiness of past releases. Also, the details are observed down to the transparent plastic goggles on the figures, which is a feature previous waves could have benefited from. Instead, we got a Black Lightning and Eradicator with painted eyewear. The subject of accurate yellow lenses brings me to the point of this plug, which is none other than the amazing duo (and legendary bromance) of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. The release of two such beloved characters lets you fill the gap of your JLI team roster and take playtime from their glory days to wherever your imagination can take them. (More…)


DC Universe Wave 7 Blue Beetle Action FigureDC Universe Wave 7 Booster Gold Action Figure

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