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Sympathy for the Wacko

Ohhhh…this is why Alan Moore hates Hollywood. Yes, yes, I see now. The rich and complex characters from a layered and lyrical graphic novel have been reduced to little plastic bears in order to cash in on the movie:


Yes, they’re adorable. And I suppose they’re meant to be ironic and popular with the Hot Topic crowd in a deconstructionist-commentary-on-commercialism sort of way. Yet, there’s something unsettling about a naked blue bear…that’s somehow more unsettling than a naked blue man. And frankly, they look more like they’re wearing Mickey Mouse ears from Disneyland than actual bears. I suppose if you’re a purist, there’s always these:



These are adorable and unsettling in their own way. I’m only disappointed there’s not a Sally Jupiter, so you can recreate her scenes with the Comedian. Let’s see what Alan thinks of all this.



I thought so.