FBOTU’s Weekly Comics Load

Here’s your weekly dose of my hot comics load. Well, that just sounds filthy. I meant to say, here are the titles I’ve been reading this week! Feel free to share your own in the Comics Forum.

FBOTU Comic of the Week

The Flash “Rebirth”: Barry Allen is back, which makes Wally West obsolete and Kid Flash really, really pissed off. But if you’ve seen Pet Sematary or Buffy the Vampire Slayer or read The Monkey’s Paw, then you know that coming back from the dead can be problematic. So Barry’s back and the first thing he does is rekindle his bromance with Hal Jordan, which is sweet and very sexy. But even Barry knows something isn’t quite right about his return. It will be fun to see how f***ed up everything gets before he sacrifices himself for the greater good…again. At least he’s not going to be a Black Lantern. Or is he? Hmm…


And the Rest of the Load

Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Safe”: Faith and Giles head to some little European village to investigate the supposed “Slayer Sanctuary” where the chosen who don’t want to be chosen are choosing to hide. Best line: “We’re slayers, and we don’t let people die, not even crappy ones.” I’m not a huge Faith fan, but I like that she’s acting a little more human and less like a terrible actress named Eliza Dushku.

G.I. Joe #4 / G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra “Destro”: G.I. Joe #4? Awesome. There’s action and adventure. The General takes his shirt off and… “Oh daddy!” Plus, Destro is super hot and kicks the Baroness’s ass and talks in a thick Scottish brogue on loan from Groundskeeper Willie. It’s been a fun read so far. Now, how about The Rise of Cobra “Origins” series? Sucktastic. I thought the Duke title was boring and pointless and full of heavy military jargon that required a glossary. The Destro title is slightly less annoying, as a little baby Destro learns all about his family’s history as murderers and arms dealers. Still a dull read for such a fascinating character. I probably won’t pick up the rest of the “Origins” books unless there’s some serious “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” action going on in the Pit.

The New Mutants “Saga”: An exhaustive (and exhausting) retelling of 25 years of New Mutants history. Best line: “Needless to say, the times in which Illyana’s magic in Limbo has spilled over to the real world have been greatly discomforting to her fellow New Mutants, particularly Rahne, for whom the demonic nature of her teammates’ power is seemingly satanic.” Well! That’s certainly a lot to needlessly say.

Teen Titans #69: Look what M’Gann dragged in. The surviving freakshow cast from the Dark Side Club. Who will stay and become doomed members of the Teen Titans? Will it be the guy with the menacing face on his torso? Or the hottest guy and girl in the bunch? My money’s on the hot kids. And in only a few pages, they’re in mortal danger! Better make room for some new statues in the memorial wing of Titans Tower.

Teen Titans Annual #1 “Deathtrap”: I’m glad Eddie lost his powers. Red Devil was creepy. He’s much cuter as a slacker. And speaking of cute… new team member Static is fresh out of the shower, in a little towel, when he’s interrupted by Cyborg, who may or may not be possessed by Jericho. Cyborg tells half-naked Static not to worry if he notices his teammates being killed all around him. Not long after, the Titans Tower is in shambles again, and the gang decides to pay a visit to the Titans book and find out what the hell is going on. Since it’s Titans, they’re bound to be disappointed.

Happy reading! More comics next week!


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