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Batman Family Values

I was all set to post this week’s podcast today, but have been having technical difficulties with the site since about 1:00AM this morning. So I’m a little grouchy while my team of Ugnaughts tries to figure out what the heck is going on. And since I’m grouchy, I’ll just complain about something, and that something is the Batman Family Statue. The statue, which comes in several parts that fit together, was designed by Andy Kubert and sculpted by Oluf Hartvigson. I’m sure Andy and Oluf are both lovely gentleman with great skill and nice families, but take a look at the Nightwing section:


Come on! First of all, he’s too thin. Huntress looks like she’s about twice his size. Dick is supposed to be buff and dreamy in his spandex. Secondly, what’s up with his face? He looks like he’s pouting in a wind tunnel. Dick is supposed to be handsome. I mean, this is the dreamboat who won Bruce Wayne‘s heart! Finally, where’s his package? Everyone knows Dick’s got the goods. That’s why he wears the revealing spandex and not a rubber codpiece like Bruce. Again, Huntress looks bigger. Come on! I just can’t justify spending $130 on this sucker until some changes are made.

There, I feel better. Hopefully the new podcast will be up tomorrow. Stay tuned!