FBOTU’s Weekly Comics Load

You might want to stand back, because this week’s FBOTU Comics Load is a big one. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’ve fallen hard for Dick. Dick Grayson, that is. I might have to change the site’s name to Dick Fans of the Universe. I’ll give that some thought. For now, here are the titles I’ve been reading this week! Feel free to share your own in the Comics Forum. Warning! Thar be SPOILERS ahead!

FBOTU Comic of the Week

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2: It’s as if someone said, “Well, things can’t get worse.” Then, as if on cue, things get a whole lot worse. Black Mask’s plan to start WWIII by pitting Penguin and Two-Face against each other is working perfectly, though at least Penguin knows they’re being played. Meanwhile, Damian and Nightwing are still locked in mortal combat with the big metal Batman impersonator, whom I’ll just refer to as Optimus Batman. Optimus makes some pretty good arguments for having a Batman who’s willing to kill bad guys…and some good guys. But Nightwing’s not having it and calls him out…as Jason Todd! In fact, a lot of people call him out as Jason Todd in this issue, but I’m not convinced. Cut to Batman infiltrating some creepy underground lair. Wait. Batman?! Oh, it’s just Tim, who didn’t get the memo about the whole battle part of Battle for the Cowl. You can’t just take the cowl, boy! Which he quickly finds out as Catwoman saves his ass, then Optimus kicks his ass. All the while, Dick is back at the Batcave flexing his ass for Alfred, who finally convinces him that everyone’s ass is his responsibility. Then we get this panel:



Yes! Yes! That’s how you do a muthaf***ing Nightwing statue, bitches! Ahem. Sorry, I get carried away. Y’all should really be reading this. Can’t wait for next month! Also, be sure to check out GayComicGeek‘s review of BFTC #2 here.


And the Rest of the Load

Booster Gold #19: Booster and Booster save the timeline, save Rip, but wait…someone’s missing. Oh, yeah. Michelle has gone nuts and thrown herself into the time portal. How can you have survivor’s guilt when your death was a freaky accident? I can’t remember if I said it or if site member Allen said it, but Michelle has supervillain written all over her now.

Green Lantern #39: First rule of Green Lantern Club: Don’t go into the Vega System. Why? It’s Orange, baby. How many colors do we have left now? Meanwhile, poor Hal is still having his


existential crisis over whether he’s Green or Blue. He can’t shake the Blue Ring until he finds some hope, which makes me think of this:


Personally, as someone with a ruddy complexion, I can only wear green and blue, so I don’t know what he’s complaining about. Speaking of blue, those little blue OA guys are getting crazier and crazier by the minute. I wonder if they have Kryptonite poisoning like Aunt Crazypants in Superman. (More after the jump…just click Permalink).

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