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Toy Review: Sick of Swimmin’; Ready to Stand

I feel a little guilty about being so happy about the latest Masters of the Universe Classics release, Mer-Man, considering so many people missed out on him when he went on sale last week. Mattel promises changes to their ordering process and production numbers, so I’m hoping he will find his slimy way into the hands of all the people who love and want him. First off, this is the first shipment of figures I’ve received from that were all in mint condition. Usually, there’s at least one smashed up card, which is fine, because I want to open one anyway. This time around, they were all pristine, which made opening Mer-Man even harder. But open him, I did. As you’ve probably heard, he comes with two heads. The classic figure version as well as a version based on the original card art. Millions of kids in the 80s stared at that art and then at their Mer-Man and wondered what the hell happened? How did he turn from some fishy, sea-horsey guy into a green Persian cat? So I’m thrilled to have the alternate head and will probably display it over the classic version.


Mer-Man has the traditional evil pointy feet, but he’s sporting hands we haven’t seen before. He has four-fingered gloved claws that look a little Simpsons-esque. His armor, like Beast Man’s, is a bib design, with no latch in the back. However, he does have a cool holder for his sword on the back of his bib. And like many of the figures, he’s been given a slightly silly and altogether unnecessary “real name.” Yup. Meet Squidish Rex. That silliness aside, Mer-Man is another gorgeous sculpt and figure from Mattel and the Four Horsemen. I love the articulation on his wrists and ankles. The only articulation he’s lacking is the upward head movement. He can turn his head from side to side, but not up and down (because of the removable head feature). He is a gorgeous addition to the line. He-Man and Stratos are getting outnumbered, though, so I look forward to the release of more heroes soon.

On the FBOTU Scale of Fabulousness, Mer-Man receives 5 growling emoticons out of 5: grrr grrr grrr grrr grrr

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