FBOTU Takes a Vacation!

(Not pictured: Me.)

Well, not FBOTU. Just me. I’ll be on gaycation with Atlantis in Cancun for a week. Kind of a working vacation. I’m just promoting the site, I swear! I’m not really one to frolic, and I don’t do theme nights (unless Star Wars is involved). I’ll still be connected and accessible for the most part. In my absence, we have a handful of fabulous guest bloggers lined up to keep you entertained. I’m hoping that the sun, sand and hot guys will keep me distracted, but in all likelihood, I’ll be checking in regularly. So you probably won’t even notice I’m gone. So, do please carry on with business (and silliness) as usual.

And, incidentally, if you’re in Cancun and you want to be a Fanboy of the Month

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