FBOTU’s Weekly Comics Load

I got a rather colorful surprise in the mail today. I shan’t reveal too much just yet, but let’s just say it involves rings and lanterns and the color black and #0. I shall hold off reviewing that one for now, but I have a big load of other comics to discuss this week. Feel free to share your own reviews in the Comics Forum. Be warned! SPOILERS aplenty!

FBOTU Comic of the Week

Thor #601: Exiled from Asgard, poor Thor and his alter ego Dr. Don Blake are up a creek with a broken Mjolnir. Frankly, this time around, I hope Loki wins. He/She has earned it. After tricking, deceiving and f**king everyone over time and time again, the fact that all these mythological morons keep falling for it is crazy. They all deserve to die. Case in point: Loki was able to convince Balder to exile good ol’ Thor and trust the future of Asgard to Dr. Doom instead. Wouldn’t any warning bells go off over his name alone? Never mind the evil, metal mask. Meanwhile, sexy Oklahoman beefcake William decides the best way to get into Thor’s thunderpants is to pretend to be in love with Kelda and follow her to Latveria. (You kind of have to read between the lines a little bit on that last part, but it’s there! I swear!)

(More of the Load after the jump.)

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