FBOTU’s Weekly Comics Load by Allen

It’s Wednesday again, gang, which means it’s time to see what our local comics shops have in store for us. So while Chance is on vacation, here’s my big Load for the week. And while my Load isn’t as big as his from last week, I won’t let performance anxiety get in my way. I have a few really great comics to discuss this week. Feel free to share your own reviews in the Comics Forum. As often mentioned at this point, be WARNED! Here come the SPOILERS!

FBOTU Comic of the Week

Wonder Woman #31: Flying elephants! You heard me right, and if for no other reason you should get the book just for that! This is my pick of the week, and it is issued with two covers, one regular issue and a variant. Gail Simone pulls it all together and puts to rest any questions in this installment of the Rise of the Olympian storyline. Gail’s story is beautifully complemented by the art of Bernard Chang. I have to admit to being skeptical of the current run of the book since its re-launch, but I have to give credit where credit is due Gail Simone, you are an Amazon Goddess of a writer and I bow to your radiant majesty. Thank you for bringing Diana back to comics! Holy Moly! Amazons making deals with Ares, Achilles waging war on modern man and Genocide still on the loose after landing most of Diana’s friends in the hospital…what’s the world’s #1 Super Heroine to do?!? Well first she shows us her softer side and sheds a tear for a friend, gets an eyeful of Tom in his hospital gown, then pulls herself up by the bootstraps and hurtles like a “comet” into battle against the Olympians. Ares has played everyone like a fiddle, and this issue brings us all up to speed. Genocide is revealed for her true self, and it’s a twist I never saw coming. If you haven’t followed up to this point, it’s a good time to jump on board before the real smackdown starts.

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