Guest Blog: FanMEN of the Universe

In today’s Guest Blog, Chris Atkins (aka Sexy Comics Monger) offers insight into how to separate the fanMEN from the fanBOYS. Thanks, SCM!


The word fanboy was first coined and used as a derogatory term for the comic/movie/toy nerd community. At the time, no one thought of the term as anything but a sly way of saying, “You’re too passionate about a world that’s not really based in reality.” Of course, that requires a much bigger vocabulary than the purveyors of such nonsense could actually handle, so fanboy had to suffice. Someone who took care of his comics or toys and expected others to do the same fell into this category, never realizing we’d eventually take over the world and be the people everyone admired, instead of reviled. Those of us who didn’t waver and stood strong in the face of adversity, who proudly proclaimed, “I read comics!” have transcended the fanboy title and have, in fact, become fanmen! Here are a few character traits of a fanman. Feel free to add your own.

A Fanman…

1. Reads a comic BEFORE he decides he doesn’t like it.
2. Would unapologetically read a comic in a bar.
3. Will read any comic (free or not) simply because it’s a comic.
4. Knows why Clark Kent wears glasses and why nobody recognizes him with them on.
5. Can read between the lines of Archie and Jughead’s relationship.
6. Tries to get EVERYONE to read comics, because, you know, they should.
7. Won’t let you touch his comics, but will happily buy you one or loan you a graphic novel.
8. Can find something good to say about any comic. “This comic sucks, but the paper quality is great.”
9. Knows what a Previews Catalog is and uses it regularly.
10. Will show you how to use online auction sites to make money on your old books, instead of just ripping you off.
11. Always has a comic in his car in case he gets stuck in traffic.
12. Donates comics to his doctor or dentist, for the waiting room.
13. Should not be approached on a Wednesday if the comics have been delayed.
14. May be a geek in the comic book store, but is a total f**ck machine in the bedroom.
15. Sports at LEAST one comic book tattoo.
16. Makes friends with the theater staff, so he can see event movies before they open.
17. Is a fiercely loyal friend, and surprisingly resourceful in a fight.
18. Pretends to be interested in your favorite character, even if he doesn’t care.
19. May not be able to fix a car, but can give you the full schematics of a number of superhero vehicles.
20. A real fanman doesn’t mind being called a fanboy.

(No fanboys were harmed in the making of this list….or fanmen.)

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