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Accio Plastic!

Have you been so wrapped up in Wolverine and Star Trek that you’ve forgotten the most important movie of the summer is still coming?! Well, I haven’t. Even during the most thrilling scenes in Star Trek, I was thinking, “I wonder how Harry and Hermione would handle this time-traveling thing. Oh wait, they already did this in Prisoner of Azkaban, except there it made sense.” So, I was happy as a hippogriff to see these little plastic beauties, the first series of figures from Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince.


I like Harry’s casual “robes are so déclassé” look here. And it’s sweet to see little Ginny Weasley featured so prominently here, instead of, you know, a real character. Oh, I realize Harry falls for Ginny in HP&THBP, but I always assumed it was because his perilous life made him seek out the dullest girl in school, you know, for contrast. I’ll still buy her action figure, though. And I’ll even pose her and the rest of the figures like they are in the pic above. I like how Draco and Harry are comparing wands…again…and the look on Harry’s little sculpted face can only mean one thing: “Um, where is Draco’s other hand?” 



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