Set Phasers to Scan


If you’re the sort of comic geek who loves to be organized, but also gets a special thrill from scanning your own items in the self-check line at the grocery store, have I got good news for you! IntelliScanner, a manufacturer of bar code scanners, wants to scan and organize your comic book collection. Here’s their pitch:

IntelliScanner Comic Edition organizes your comic and media collections automatically with a smart bar code reader and innovative comic management software. With an extensive Internet database of over 250,000 comics and millions of books, DVDs, games and more, Comic Edition is everything you need to organize, bar code, inventory and share your comic collection. Available for your PC or Mac, Comic Edition is the fun, simple solution for managing your comics.”

I don’t have a ton of comics, but I do love scanning things, so I might have to get this. The software also includes an app that lets you access your database from anywhere, via your iPhone. That would instantly transform your run-of-the-mill comic geek into a super studly ubergeek at the next con. The IntelliScanner Comic Edition is available at ThinkGeek for $129.99. There’s also a cordless, battery-operated version for $249.99, in case you need to take it to your offsite comic book storage warehouse.

Happy scanning!


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